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Unfortunately, our publications are only available in German
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Public relations, the political struggle for gender equality and the fight against violence on women are key tasks of the autonomous women's refuges. Through their work they want to raise public awareness and help to permanently reduce not only the direct physical and mental violence against women, but also the everyday structural violence.
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Press releases

19. March 2020

FrauenhÀuser in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie

Wir wĂŒnschen uns eine schnelle, unbĂŒrokratische und bundesweite Lösung, um [
7. March 2020

Pressemitteilung zum Weltfrauentag, 08.MĂ€rz 2020

Am Weltfrauentag und an jedem anderen Tag: Es ist und [
8. March 2018

Pressemitteilung zum Weltfrauentag, 08. MĂ€rz 2019



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