Finding help – ZIF

Finding help

Shelter and support

If you are looking for shelter and support in an autonomous women's refuge,

you can find the phone numbers sorted by state here.The women's refuges can usually be contacted round the clock. They offer safe accommodation, advice and support for women affected by violence and their children.

Phone numbers for other women's refuges can be found on the website of Frauenhauskoordinierung e.V..

If you would like advice, you can find the addresses and phone numbers of women's advice centres on the website of Bundesverband Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe.

You can also contact the "Gewalt gegen Frauen" helpline.
The phone number is 08000 116 016. It is staffed round the clock, free of charge, multilingual and largely accessible.

Avoid traces

Protecting yourself on the internet
If you are worried that someone will find out that you have visited this website, please read the following information through carefully.

Please note:
This information is provided as a guide and may not necessarily conceal all your internet visits. If you want to be absolutely sure that no one is tracking you online, access the internet in your local library, at friends' houses or at your place of work.

Emergency exit button on the women's refuge search page
The button on the top right margin can be used to close the women's refuge search as quickly as possible. You will then be forwarded to a discreet website (Google). Important: This button does not replace the following advice about safe browsing, since other traces (e.g. the history of pages visited) will still be on the computer.

How can someone track my internet activities?
It is generally the case that internet browsers save particular items of information as you move around the web. These include images of web pages accessed, words that were entered in search engines and a list (history) of the web pages visited. The advice below tells you ways of restricting the possibility that someone can find out that you have visited this page.

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Search for available places in women's refuges

Search for available places in women's refuges across Germany:

Available places in Nordrhein-Westfalen : here.

Available places in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: here.

Available places in Hessen: here.